Monday, August 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus Stuns VMA crowd

Miley Cyrus VMA Robin Thicke

Will Smith and family
Will Smith family shocked

Miley Cyrus snatched the throne for the strangest, most provocative performer at this year's VMAs, fitting nicely into the crown for Queen of Obscene, funny hair horns and all.

Miley emerged  in a furry gray leotard with the face of a seemingly-intoxicated teddy bear to perform her single "We Can't Stop." Following the theme of her music video, she was backed up by a gaggle of dancers with the giant teddy bear backpacks, folks in teddy bear suits, and the World's Tallest Burlesque Dancer, Amazon Ashley, who stands at 6'7''.

Living up to her reputation for shamelessly working it, she didn't disappoint as she playfully bounced, popped and thrust through the song that had viewers in a trance.

Once Robin Thicke came out to perform what is probably the song of summer '13, "Blurred Lines," Cyrus shed the fun fur to reveal a nude vinyl bikini. And she just kept twerking like a possessed woman.

Twitter comments on Miley:

"(J)ust watched that Miley Cyrus / teddy bear performance and I think I'm now legally required to put myself on some kind of registry," tweeted Time magazine's TV critic, James Poniewozik.

"i am still trying to recover from the miley cyrus performance," posted another viewer.
Derek Blasberg was more enthused, tweeting that he was "obsessed with @MileyCyrus's performance at the VMA's. It was like a karaoke party at the Playboy mansion. In the 90's. In platform sneakers."

Billboard's Editorial Director, Bill Werde, thinks Cyrus' show was right on target with the direction she's taking her brand -- she is, after all, no longer the teen Disney star she once was.

"Guys, Miley Cyrus is an all-star hot mess for a hot mess pop moment," Werde tweeted. "She doesn't care what u think & that's her brand. & she just delivered."

Monday, August 19, 2013

Raquel Welch to play Donatella Versace's aunt in "House of Versace"

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch will play Aunt Lucia, aunt of Donatella Versace in a Lifetime original scripted movie, "House of Versace."

Gina Gershon will play Donatella Versace, Enrico Colantoni as Gianni Versace and Colm Feorge as Donatella's brother, Santo.

The film is based on The Wall Street Journal reporter Deborah Ball's book, "House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival."

The story focuses on Donatella after Gianni's death and she is thrust into the spotlight as head designer for the family's fashion empire. Donatella becomes addicted to drugs and nearly bankrupt's the fashion company.

Welch's character, along with other family members help Donatella overcome her problems and lead the brand to be one of the most powerful fashion houses ever.

The film is executive produced by Ronald Gilbert and Robyn Snyder and is being directed by Sara Sugarman. It will premiere Oct. 5 on Lifetime and will be followed by a documentary, "Versace: Beyond the Headlines."

Monday, August 12, 2013

Teri Hatcher on Disney's Planes

Roxanna Bina interviews Teri Hatcher for Disney's Planes.

Planes will be out in U.S. theaters on Friday August 16, 2013. "Planes" portrays a fleet of aircraft that is as loveable as the automobiles in "Cars," an underdog story of Dusty Crophopper who aspires to win the air racing championship that challenges contenders to fly around the globe.

The film features voice actors including Dane Cook, Teri Hatcher and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but to tap into the global scope of the story, Hall brought on veteran British actor John Cleese as Bulldog, the oldest racing contender, and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra to play Ishani.

"Planes," made by Walt Disney Picture's (DIS.N) DisneyToon Studios for $50 million, was originally planned as a direct-to-DVD release. It was heavily inspired by the success of "Cars," the Disney-Pixar hit film that made more than $461 million at the worldwide box office, according to Box Office Mojo. The sequel, "Cars 2," garnered $559 million in global ticket sales.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

“Sandlot” Actor Head-Butts Officer got Arrested

Sandlot, Thomas Guiry, Scotty Smalls

Sandlot, Thomas Guiry, Scotty Smalls

You're Killin' Us Smalls!!!

Thomas Guiry, who played Scotty Smalls in a 90' hit The Sandlot was arrested this past weekend after an altercation at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas.

United Airlines employee stopped him from boarding the plane because he was too drunk and things got heated. Police officials were called in to calm the actor down, who allegedly became “rowdy” when he was refused entry to the flight. Officers said that Guiry could either be arrested under charges of public intoxication or spend a night getting sober down at the police station. Guiry was then said to become threatening and claiming he wasn’t drunk, refusing both of those options.

Reports said that Guiry attempted to kick the police officer in the face but did not hit the officer. He followed it up with a head-butt and was immidiately arrested. The officer was said to suffer only minor injuries. After getting sober, Guiry was released and posted bail, set at $5,000