Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas! 2015

May the magic of Christmas
brings you Happiness, Joy, Cheers, love and fun
into your life
Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Christmas, Joy, love, fun, Christmas season, logo, happy, Season Greetings, Feliz Navidad

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Review: M.A.C. Huggable Lipcolour

MAC, Lipstick, Lip gloss, Lip, beauty blog, beauty blogger, MAC, mac huggable, MAc huggable lipcolor, 15 Shades

MAC, Lipstick, Lip gloss, Lip, beauty blog, beauty blogger, MAC, mac huggable, MAc huggable lipcolor, 15 Shades

M.A.C. Huggable Lipcolour have a gel like consistency, it has a glossy shine and light shade. It stays on the lips for long hours more or less 6 hours. It also moisturize the lips. The unique gel like substance lets the user smoothen the shade effortlessly onto the lips with a featherlight finish. This will keep your lips nice and shiny without feeling super sticky. The collection offers 15 shades to choose from:

  1. WHAT A FEELING - Midtonal cool pink cream
  2. SWEET CREATION - Soft yellow peach
  3. FEELING AMOROUS? - Midtonal fushia cream
  4. OUT FOR PASSION - Soft warm rose cream
  5. EXTRASWEET - Soft pink cream
  6. COMMOTION - Deep Cool plum cream
  7. GLAMORIZED - Creamy vibrant pink
  8. FLAMING LIPS - Deep creamy red
  9. TOUCHÉ - Light beige cream
  10. RED NECESSITY - Deep warm wine cream
  11. CHERRY GLAZE - Orange red cream
  12. RICH MARRÓN - Midtonal nude cream
  13. LOVE BEAM - Midtonal warm pink cream
  14. BARE HUG - Creamy soft peach/orange
  15. FASHION FORCE - Soft tangerine orange
Good Qualities:
- Lightweight
- Smooth
- Shiny
- Long lasting
- Moisturize your lips

MAC Huggable Lipcolour from $25.99 up to $44.99 on AMAZON

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter Review

Body Shop Shea Body Butter Review, Body butter, lotion, soft skin

Body Shop Shea Body Butter Review, Body butter, lotion, soft skin

The thing that I love most about the Body Shop Shea Body Butter is the delicious nutty scent. It also offers all day hydration that is great for very dry skin. It is made from the community fair trade Shea Butter from Ghana. The texture is very rich and cream that are easily absorb by your skin.

People loves The body butter from Body Shop since it really works and easy on the wallet. It also has delicious scent. Apply small amount on your skin and it'll give you soft skin and a yummy scent.

Personally, this is one of my absolute favorite. What it does for my dry skin is fantastic.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas Season 2015: Etude House Snowy Dessert

Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

This holiday season ETUDE HOUSE, a South Korean cosmetics brand will be releasing Holiday collection that is inspired by sweet and cozy winter dessert like sweet puddings, gingerbread-man cookies and red-velvet cakes. They are cute and comes in little packages. They look delectable.

Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint – $14.99 each

Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

These delectable fruity treats are thick, moist, shiny and soft on the lips. They come in 5 different flavors:

Apple Pudding Tint
Lychee Pudding Tint
Apricot Pudding Tint
Strawberry Pudding Tint
Grapefruit Pudding Tint   

Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil
Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update
Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

These are colorful easy and fast makeup pencil type eyeliner with different colors and textures. Pencil for from beginning to finishing of makeup.  Colors and textures includes Creamy, Glitter, Shimmer, Matte, and Glossy.

Color System:
- Creamy: Soft drawing texture with rich colors.
- Matte: Soft drawing but powdery finishing. Recommend to use as eyebrow, eyeshadow, concealer, and base.
- Glossy: Moist texture that can simply fill up crease. Recommend to use as blusher and lips.
- Shimmering: Delicate glittering color for urbane look.
- Glitter: Glittering texture for dramatic and fancy makeup.

Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

Snowy Dessert Ginger Cookie Blusher
Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update
Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

These cute ginger cookie two-toned blusher gives cheeks with vivid color for a peppy and gorgeous look. Easy and fun to apply with powder puff.

Snowy Dessert Cookie Contour Maker
Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update
Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

This gingerbread makeup brings out your hidden slim V-line face contour with its highlighting and shading effects. 

Snowy Dessert Scented Wax Tablet Red Velvet and Tiramisu.

Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update
Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

Snowy Dessert Hand Creams
Christmas Season 2015, Etude House Snowy Dessert collection, Beauty Update

Hand cream collection which consist of 5 kinds of hand creams that will make your holiday season happy and fluttery. Flavors are Vanilla Cupcake Hand Cream, Apricot Tart Hand Cream, Blooming Love Hand Cream, Sweet Sparkling Hand Cream, and Cool Sugar Hand Cream.

Holiday Set Collection:
Etude House Snowy Dessert Box
Etude House Snowy Dessert Box #Grapefruit [Holiday Limited Edition]

1. Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint #3 Grapefruit
2. Play 101 Pencil #73 [Shimmering]
3. Ginger Cookie Blusher
4. Snowy Dessert Snow GingerMan Ball pen

Etude House Snowy Dessert Box #Strawberry [Holiday Limited Edition]

1. Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint #1 Strawberry
2. Play 101 Pencil #75 [Glitter]
3. Ginger Cookie Contour Maker
4. Snowy Dessert Snow GingerMan Ball pen

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Charlie Sheen's Sex Partners Will Sue

Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen HIV, HIV

Right after the confession of Charlie Sheen on "Today's Show" to Matt Lauer that he has HIV, the women who had sexual encounters with him announced that they will sue Mr. Sheen. According to TMZ, a Los Angeles lawyer was contacted by 6 women and they are planning to sue the actor for infliction of emotional distress, fraud and sexual battery. The women said that they had both protected and unprotected sex with Sheen.

It was also reported that for the past 2 years, Charlie Sheen had at least 200 sex partners leads to speculation that the former "Two and a Half Men" star is looking at a legal nightmare.

In the interview with Matt Lauer, Sheen said that he hopes that him coming out in the open about his HIV will remove the stigma about the disease in society.

"I have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people," he said. "And, hopefully, with what we're doing today, others will come forward and say, 'Thanks Charlie.' "

Sheen also said that he had already paid million of dollars to blackmailers that he did not named.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Forbes: Katy Perry tops is Highest-Paid Woman in the Music Industry

Katy Perry, Forbes list, music

Katy Perry's last album was 2013 but still she earned enough money to grab the top spot of the Forbes highest earning women in music. With her successful Prismatic World Tour and collaboration with Coty, Claire's and CoverGirl Katy 31, earned about $135 million from June 1, 2014, to June 1, 2015. Her Prismatic World Tour which ended last October grossed $2 million in each show.

The 2nd highest earning woman in Music goes to Taylor Swift, 25. The "Bad Blood" singer earned an estimated $80 million.  

Fleetwood Mac band with Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie, despite having 3 male members got the 3rd spot with $59.5 million thanks to their tour which includes 86 concerts. Lady Gaga is in 4th with $59 million; Beyonce rounds out the top five at $54.5 million. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Dress up like Garfield, Odie, or Pookie, and have a spectacularly spooky Halloween! Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lamar Odom Had a Delicate Operation

People Magazine reported that Lamar Odom had an operation. The procedure required general anesthesia and is said to be connected to his pneumonia. They also said that the former NBA player is still in a very fragile state and that he had an infection that is being aggressively treated with strong intravenous antibiotics, but still not getting better. There are many concerns about his health.

Lamar can't stand up alone. He has to be helped to a chair right by his bed. He is receiving antibiotics for a respiratory infection. He is also still receiving dialysis according to People.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak, Guillermo del Toro, ghost story, scary

Crimson Peak, Guillermo del Toro, ghost story, scary

Crimson Peak, Guillermo del Toro, ghost story, scary

Guillermo del Toro’s gothic horror “Crimson Peak” stars Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, and Charlie Hunnam. The story is set in 1901 were Mia Wasikowska plays Edith Cushing, an
aspiring author who left New York to live in a Gothic styled mansion located in northern England to escape her past. The haunted mansion breathes, bleeds and remembers.

If you are looking for a scary film this is not it. It is not scary at all, the scary scenes are obvious because of the background music and camerawork. The movie is about uncovering long kept secrets.

It's like an old ghost story which people can see and can scare them but not able to do physical harm. The fact is people harm people not ghost. Here the ghost scares Edith (Mia Wasikowska), she marries Thomas (Tom Hiddleston), they live in an old mansion with Thomas sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain) and the story revolves around the three of them and the secrets behind them.

Yes, the story seems generic but still del Toro has find a way to make things interesting.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The "Scream Queens" Premiere

Scream Queens

Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens premiere was average, with its all star cast it still falls flat. The show opens with a party hosted by Kappa Kappa Tau sorority sister back in 1995 with a sister giving birth to a baby in a bathtub, but later she died. Since instead of taking her to a hospital they decided to dance to TLC song "Waterfalls". Then fast forward to 2015, the sorority is now headed by Chanel Oberlin known as Chanel #1 and is played by Emma Roberts. She has three members, Chanel #2 Ariana Grande, Chanel #3 Billie Lourd, and Chanel #5 Abigail Breslin. There's no Chanel #4 since she died of meningitis.

Shows like these has been played over and over again with the same story-line no wonder despite getting big numbers on social media, the Nielsen's numbers is just 1.7/6 in 18-49, 4.04 million viewers overall. The horror comedy opened with a 1.7 rating in 18-49 and then held at a 1.6 for its final three half-hours, according to the prelim nationals. It tied for the 18-49 lead in the New York market with “The Voice” (2.9/10).

The show is supposed to be funny, but it's not. I think in the end this show will crash and burn.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jessica Simpson's worst Money Mistake is Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, finance, business

Jessica Simpson said that marrying Nick Lachey was her worst financial mistakes. During an interview on the show "Closing Bell" last Thursday the host Kelly Evans asked Simpson 35, what she thinks have been her biggest financial mistakes so far, the singer said "The biggest money mistakes? I don't know. For some reason I thought of my first marriage!"

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were married for three years before calling it quits. Jessica which is now a fashion mogul is married to Eric Johnson and have two children, daughter Maxwell Drew, 3, and son Ace Knute, 2. While Lachey, 41, has two children son Camden John, 2, and daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth, 8 months with wife Vanessa Lachey. 

Evans also asked the blonde about her booming business, she said, "My business manager and I have been together for 16 years now. he's one of the first people that I met coming into New York City, and I trust him with everything. We've made really great investments, we haven't really had any mistakes."

"I'm definitely a person that is all about taking a risk and everything to me is kind of a 'why not?'. I take an opportunity by the reigns and just go for it…when we started, it was only shoes and now it's grown so big. I'm just counting my blessings."

"I don't always know where all of my money is, but there are people that I love that know where all of my money is."

"I always say I'm ready for another billion."

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Seen in Universal Studios with kids

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Christine Ouzounian

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Christine Ouzounian
Christine Ouzounian

Ben Affleck was seen with Jennifer Garner and their children in Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta. Well, they have a new nanny obviously because of the rumored affair of Ben with the former nanny Christine Ouzounian. They took their kids to Universal Studios Florida on Affleck’s 43rd birthday.

The kids seems to enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the amusement park.

Christine the former nanny was fired by Jennifer last July 1, shortly after she and Ben announced their divorce, according to an Us Weekly source.

In June, Christine had joined the family in the Bahamas before flying with Ben to Las Vegas for a poker tournament.

Kobe likes bellgirls, Tiger love waitress, while Arnold digs househelp now Ben Affleck is a fan of nannies.     

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jennifer Aniston marries boyfriend Justin Theroux in L.A.

Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston wedding, Jennifer Aniston nuptial, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston marries long time boyfriend Justin Theroux in Los Angeles. The nuptial which is an intimate backyard wedding was held at their Bel-Air home on Thursday August 6, 2015. The event was attended by 75 family members and friends which includes Courteney Cox who is the maid of honor, Lisa Kudrow, Chelsea Handler, Jason Bateman, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Meyer, and Jimmy Kimmel. posted photos of a stage, an outdoor dance floor, dining tables and a large cake.

Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston wedding, Jennifer Aniston nuptial, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rachel McAdams Terrified in Costa Rica, Taylor Kitsch Rumors

Rachel McAdams, True detective, Taylor Kitsch, southpaw

Rachel McAdams said in an interview with Stylist magazine that she was really scared and terrified when she stayed at a hotel in Costa Rica by herself and she slept with her Swiss Army Knife in her hand. McAdams 36, said that there were men banging on her door all night in that hotel. It happened after she's done filming "Mean Girls" back in 2004.

She admitted, that she was "kind of stupid. I got off the flight to Costa Rica and got on a little 4 seat Cessna plane and was dropped in the middle of the rainforest as the rain was pelting down. I got in a cab with no doors and asked the driver to take me to this hotel, and he told me in broken English it had burned down, so I wound up in a place costing five dollars a night. The shower was cold and guys pounding on my door all night. I slept with my Swiss Army Knife in my hand, thinking: 'I'm going home tomorrow!'...I was terrified and lonely."

Despite this awful experience, she said that she would travel alone "all over again" and do it exactly the same way, since it gave her life experience and survival skills.

"I think it gave me a bit of chutzpah and ended up being one of the best things I've ever done. It taught me I could survive on very little too. I would do it that way all over again, it was life-changing. You get to prove to yourself what you're made of."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rachel McAdams addressed the Taylor Kitsch romance rumors. “It’s funny the things the Internet likes to proclaim, "It's weird, weird, bizarre, surreal side of it but I guess you just have to laugh at it at a certain point."

McAdams said she and Taylor are good friend for many, many years. "I’m like, ‘Who are these people?'” the True Detective actress said. “How did they confirm that? I find it really confusing, but yeah, it’s an odd little thing."

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Harvard MBA Grad Will pay you $10K if you can Find him a Girlfriend

Ren You, 29 a Harvard MBA graduate and working at a private equity firm is looking for a girlfriend and is asking for your help. If you can introduce him to a girl that he can date for more than 6 months, he will pay you $10,000.

On his website "", he said that he don't have enough time in his hands since he works for 12 hours a day and he wants to do things more efficiently.

Ren is from Birmingham, Alabama. He said during a ABC News interview, “I’ve done dating websites and I’ve met people through friends. You told ABC News. “I’m sure if I stuck with those ways that, down the road a few years, maybe I’d find someone, but that seems very time consuming and not efficient. I don’t know if this is an improvement, but it’s something new so I thought I’d give it a shot.”

Ren said that he got a lot of mothers recommending their daughters from China.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Rose McGowan Fired For Speaking Out Against Sexism

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan said she got dropped for speaking out against Hollywood culture of Sexism. She Twitted with the hashtag #BRINGIT a sexist casting call notice and got fired.

Rose McGowan, Adam Sandler, Madam Panhandler

"casting note that came w/script I got today. For real. name of male star rhymes with Madam Panhandler hahaha I die."

"Notes: - Please make sure to read that attached script before coming in so you understand the context of the scenes.
- Wardrobe Note: Black (or dark) form fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push up bra encouraged). And form fitting leggins or jeans. Nothing white."

It was clearly Adam Sandler. According to Los Angeles-based agency Innovative Artists they have stopped representing Ms. McGowan as of Wednesday.

Hollywood is turning to Nazi Germany only worst.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Called it Quits, call off engagement

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Sean Penn

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn started their relationship back in 2013, now they part ways after being together for nearly two years, according to PEOPLE. They were seen together many times with Charlize's 3-year-old son, Jackson. They attended together the Cannes red carpet back in May.

According to reports, Theron and her son lived at their Hollywood home and Penn, 54, at his Malibu mansion, which he had put up for sale but recently pulled off the market. Recently, they weren’t spotted together and according to reports have stayed in separate homes.

When not promoting her film Mad Max, Theron and Penn spent time away from the spotlight, enjoying family time with Jackson on the French Riviera.

Penn was spotted solo in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles Tuesday, buying magazines and cigarettes from a local newsstand.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Prince Harry Flirts With "Doctor Who Actress" Jenna Coleman

Prince Harry, Jenna Coleman

Prince Harry bald
Prince Harry was seen in a Polo party with "Doctor Who" star Jenna Coleman with is hand in the actress legs. They were laughing and looked cozy togeter at the after-game- party of the Audi Polo Match last May 31. According to a British tabloid, Harry and Jenna, were holding hands as they sneak out of the crowd with Jenna to talk to each other privately. Jenna was seen leaning into Harry while Harry's hand on her legs.
Prince Harry, Jenna Coleman

Friday, May 29, 2015

Bruce Jenner will Appear on the cover of the Magazine Vanity Fair as a Woman

Brenda Jenner, Bruce Jenner, man to woman, sex change

Bruce Jenner will debut on the cover of Vanity Fair as a woman in an upcoming summer issue, according to reports from TMZ and People Magazine. The report said that Jenner will be photographed as a woman by photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Jenner debut to the world as a female is expected to get a lot of attention. He said on April 24 in an in an interview with Diane Sawyer that he has the "soul of a female" and "can't pull the curtain any longer."

Annie Leibovitz is known for taking photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Demi Moore pregnant, and Meryl Steep. It is said that the cover will come out at the same time as his show starts airing, his show will document his transition from male to female. It is obvious that he undergone sex change surgery.

It's interesting to know his woman name..... Brenda Jenner??? anyone??

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

David Letterman Sent off

David Letterman may often be offensive but he's really funny. He is cynical and silly, he just don't care. Last Tuesday shows was the 2nd to the last. Bill Murray was one of the guest and he pops out of a cake like a stripper.

Bob Dylan, America’s legendary living musician sang “The Night We Called It a Day,” from his latest album, “Shadows in the Night” as a sent off.    

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Royal Baby: It's a Girl

Will and Kate, Royal family, Kate Middleton,  Buckingham Palace

Congratulations, Will and Kate, and the whole Royal family. Following the announcement of the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second baby, as is tradition the framed notice of birth will go on display on a ceremonial easel on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

Friday, April 3, 2015

"Price is Right" model Costly Mistake, Gave a Car by Mistake

Manuela Arbelaez, Price is Right, Price is Right model

One lucky contestant of the game show "Price is Right" will be going home with a Hyundai Sonata SE even though she didn't deserve it, thanks to the "Price is Right" model Manuela Arbelaez.

After the contestant picked her first guess  $19,849 which is incorrect, Arbelaez removed the incorrect price tag. Then surprisingly she also removed the cover for the  correct price of the car (Hyundai Sonata SE ) before the game was over.

The host Drew Carey said, “Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car!.” Arbelaez, hide behind the display post in shame. Manuela also posted on Twitter that she was not fired after all.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction, Fans Reaction

Zayn Malik, Zayn Malik fans, Zayn Malik fans crying, One Direction, Zayn Malik fans crying funny

Zayn Malik, Zayn Malik fans, Zayn Malik fans crying, One Direction, Zayn Malik fans crying funny

Zayn Malik decided to leave the band called "One Direction" after five years because he wants to be a normal 22 year old boy and be away from spotlight. His fans reaction of him departing the band were funny, the guy didn't die he just left the band why would you cry or be affected? Some are also troubling like the shocking #Cut4Zayn Twitter hashtag which encourage bodily harm, what a loser. I can't believe that there are people this stupid. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jada Pinkett Smith will leave Gotham

Jada Pinkett Smith, Fish Mooney

The TV series Gotham will lose Jada Pinkett Smith who plays the villain Fish Mooney. She gave a hint while appearing at Live! With Kelly and Extra:

"I don't think so, no. I signed for a year and the year is up," she told Kelly Ripa talking about the TV show, "But there are some great things coming ahead on Gotham, believe me. There's a lot of good stuff coming." On Extra she said, "We're done. I did my year and I had a good time. The show is going to have an awesome finale!"

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blue and Black, White and Gold Dress

Blue and Black, White and Gold Dress

I'm still confused about this Blue and Black, White and Gold Dress thing, yesterday I saw it as White and Gold Dress now its Blue and Black.

I think it's all about how our eyes process the light source.

This crazy dress was posted recently by swiked on Tumblr and it just went crazy!

Here's an explanation on LA Times:

"According to Pantone, world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries, people's eye and brain work in conjunction to turn light into color. The retina in your eye is covered with light-sensitive cells shaped like rods and cones. These are the receptors that filter the light you see into nerve impulses that then travel to your brain through the optic nerve.

No one person's arrangement of cones is the same, which will cause everyone to perceive color differently. This doesn't mean someone is wrong for seeing one color, and someone else is right."

"And according to Thomas Stokkermans, the optometrist who directs the optometry division at UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland, the time of day and our surroundings can affect how we see color."

So there you have it!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nick Gordon prevented from visiting Bobbi Kristina Brown

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown dead, Nick Gordon killed Bobbi Kristina Brown,

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown's family is still bickering in public as Bobbi Kristina Brown is fighting for her life at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Bobbi Kristina Brown is the only daughter of music legend Whitney Houston.

On Twitter Nick Gordon posted, that Bobbi's family is preventing him to visit her.

"Let me in the hospital to see my girl and let her hear my voice. If she hears my voice, let me massage her, play her favorite music I believe it will help."

Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina's dad, said that Nick Gordon did not meet the terms to visit his daughter. Bobby Brown's lawyer said that Nick Gordon, was offered a chance to see Kristina in the hospital in Georgia.

“To address the continued and never ending media requests for comment about Mr. Gordon’s requests to visit Bobbi Kristina, let me be very clear, Mr. Gordon was offered an opportunity to potentially visit Bobbi Kristina and he declined to meet the terms of any possible visit," said Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC, legal counsel for Bobby Brown. He added,  "We are only concerned with individuals that can help Bobbi Kristina and bring resolution to this investigation. Obviously Mr. Gordon is not as desperate to visit Bobbi Kristina as he wants the world to believe.”

According to a source, Doctors are trying to lift her coma, the breathing tube that was attached to her has already been removed, and she will now have to breathe through a hole in her throat.

Police said that the case is now considered as a criminal investigation,  after she was found on January 31 at her home in Roswell, Georgia.

have said they're treating her case as a criminal investigation, Bobbi Kristinawas found not breathing in a bathtub on January 31 at her home in Roswell, Georgia. Her mother Whitney Houston, died in 2012, she was also found in a bathtub. A coroner ruled Houston's death an accidental drowning, with heart disease and cocaine use listed as contributing factors.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Anna Gunn and Gary Sinise in a “Criminal Minds” Spinoff

Criminal Minds, Anna Gunn, Gary Sinise

Anna Gunn, known for her role as Skyler, Walter White’s wife on Breaking Bad will be teaming up with Gary Sinise (CSI: NY) in an "Criminal Minds spinoff." Gunn will play Ally Lambert who will be working with Sinise as an international law expert and linguist for the FBI. Her character works for a special division in the FBI, named the BAU team, which helps Americans who find themselves in trouble while in other countries. While, Gary Sinise will portray the team leader of BAU Jack Garrett, a 20-year veteran of the bureau.

They will be joined by Tyler James Williams of "Everybody Hates Chris", "The Walking Dead." The pilot of the show will be integrated as an episode of Criminal Minds that will air later this season as a planted spinoff.