Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wife Chops Off Cheating Husband's Penis Twice

wife chops off husband penis

This is gross, the wife punishes her husband for cheating on her by chopping off his penis twice. Fan Lung 32, the cheating husband uses his wife's cell phone to send some highly sexual email to his 21-year-old lover, Zhang Hung. Lung was so confident that he won't be caught he didn't even log off from his account. His wife Feng saw the messages and was so mad that she cut off her husband's penis using a pair of scissors.

Fan Lung was taken to the hospital and his doctors were able to re-attach his penis, however, his wife managed to sneak into his hospital room and cut his connected penis a second time this time around to make sure that it won't be reconnected she threw it out of the hospital window.

A picture circulating on social media shows a man and a woman fighting outside the hospital, the man can be seen bleeding while dragging a woman. News reports said that doctors and police tried to locate his penis but can no longer find it. 

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