Thursday, March 3, 2016

Biotin from Coconut Oil

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Biotin which is also called vitamin H or co-enzyme R, is water-soluble B-vitamin (vitamin B7). It is essential for cell growth. It breaks down substances like fats, carbohydrates, and others. It is a really good dietary supplement for strengthening hair and nails. It can also help maintain steady blood sugar level. This is why biotin is an important vitamin that we should take regularly. 

Biotin deficiency can cause brittle nails and weak hair strands. You can get biotin from different food sources like peanuts, raw egg yolk, coconut and green leafy vegetables. Biotin is also available in supplement form.

Biotin (High Potency) 5000mcg Per Veggie Softgel; Enhanced with Coconut Oil for better absorption; Supports Hair Growth, Glowing Skin and Strong Nails; MADE IN USA $14.95

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