Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Freezing Iron For Healthy and Softer Hair

Inverse Hair Freezing Iron, Inverse Hair Conditioning System

This is new way to take care of hair, instead of using a hot hair flat irons for a quick fix a hairstylist from New Zealand developed a new concept of cold conditioning with the innovative equipment make use of uses sub-zero temperatures to seal the hair cuticle, delivering hydration and a glossy finish.

David Roe, founder of Inverse said that “During scientific investigations, it was observed that subzero temperatures lock in moisture, which is the basis of healthy, more manageable hair. Inverse helps balance the effects of external elements and locks in moisture to keep it strong and healthy. It will also make the hair less susceptible to damage and breakage.”

It looks like a cordless flat iron that clamps sections of your hair between it’s two frozen plates. He also said that for best results it is advisable to use the Conditioning System on wet hair.

“Towel-dry hair after cleansing, and spritz it with Inverse Ice Mist, a leave-in conditioner that preps hair for the treatment. Next, pass your hair through the system’s Ice Cores in sections from roots to tips. The plates will stay cold for about 30 minutes. Finish by styling as usual, but if possible, resist the urge to reach for your blow-dryer.”


NO CHEMICALS - it doesn't use harmful chemicals that can damage your hair.
NO HEAT - they use freezing temperature instead of heat to condition and treat your hair.
NO CORD - Doesn't use electricity.

Inverse Hair Freezing Iron promises to lock in moisture in your hair to give make it softer, stronger, shinier, healthier and more manageable.

They are based in New Zealand but they do deliver in the USA and it cost $299.00. The package comes with: Ice Cores (Filled with a specially formulated solution, these hold the optimum sub-zero temperature when frozen), Body (The Ice Cores slide into the handle to protect your hands from subzero temperatures. Locator magnets hold the Ice Cores in place.), Carry Bag (To keep everything safe when you are not using your system), and a User Guide (hints and tips on how to use your Inverse Hair Conditioning System).

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Inverse - Instruction Video from Inverse on Vimeo.

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