Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DermaFlash Will Definitely Smoothen Your Skin and Remove Facial Hair

DermaFlash facial exfoliating device, exfoliate, skin care, skin

DermaFlash facial exfoliating device, exfoliate, skin care, skin

DermaFlash facial exfoliating device mimics dermaplaning which is a procedure that is done only in Doctor's offices or Medical Spas. What it do is removes dead skin cells and built-up debris to give you a more smooth, supple skin. The great thing about it is it's a painless procedure.

Looking at the device, it may look difficult to operate but it's really easy to use. You'll just need to follow three simple steps:

Step 1: Prep

You will need to prepare your skin for the device by cleaning it with Prep Cleanser. Wipe clean and gently pat dry. This will ensure a clean, dry surface for optimal results.

Step 2: Edge

Insert a new Edge (blades) into your DERMAFLASH. Begin treatment gently glide the device in front of your ear at the top of the cheekbone. Using your free hand, hold skin taught and using short, feathery strokes glide DERMAFLASH inward toward your nose, over the contours of your cheek and entire side of your face. Continue with the same light, feathery strokes on the chin, below and above the lip, and finish with the forehead. Avoid eyelid, eyebrows, hairline, sides of the nose, and lips. The blue silicone pad on the side is intended to stay in contact with skin throughout the treatment to maintain the correct angle. Treatment takes about five to 10 minutes. Each Edge designed for single use; cannot be reused.

Step 3: Soothe
To care for skin after treatment, apply a thin layer of Soothe Hydrator over entire face.

It will gently removes dead cells, debris, and fine hair from the cheeks, jawline, lip area, chin, and forehead. It is safe for all skin types, skin colors, and ages. Results are immediate, you will notice that your skin is smoother, more vibrant, and younger-looking with just 2-3 minutes of using the device.

Prep is a pretreatment cleanser and Soothe is a nourishing hydrator for use immediately after using DERMAFLASH.

* This product contains disposable facial blades.


DERMAFLASH Facial Exfoliating Device $435.99 on Amazon

$189.00 on Sephora
$189.00 on QVC

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